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Book reviews: Our favourite reads of 2022

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Published on: December 21 2022

If you are looking for a good book to read during the last few days of the year, or a last-minute gift, these are our three top picks, reviewed by Christopher Walker

The Last Winter by Porter Fox

  • Book review: ‘The Last Winter’ by Porter Fox

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    • Climate & environment

    A beautiful and entertaining eulogy to winter with a varied cast of characters or “adventurers”. Engaging enough for a summer reading but also a poignant reminder of the climate emergency

Falling to Win by Mike Quinn

  • Book review: ‘Failing to Win’ by Mike Quinn

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    • Startup/Scale-up

    Mike Quinn’s heart-rending story of entrepreneurial failure takes us on his personal journey of founding a purpose-driven startup, seeing it fail, and all the hard-learned lessons along the way

The Necessary Journey by Ella F. Washington