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Learn about our partners and affiliations below. We believe these thought industry leaders and Impact Investor to bring up the best in each other.

Our partners

  • Actiam

    ACTIAM, now part of the Cardano Group, is a leading Dutch asset management company, with more than 17 bn in assets under management and nearly 30 years of experience in sustainable investing. As one of the few ‘pure-play’ sustainable asset managers, ACTIAM is a market leader in impact investing, especially in microfinance and SME finance, having launched its first impact investment fund in 2007. ACTIAM is a worldwide leader in the sustainability field, according to the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).

    We work with scientifically based goals and base our activities on an innovative, data-driven approach to create meaningful change for future-proofing organizations. We report not only on financial returns but also on the social impact of investments, amongst others in terms of a carbon and water footprint, ESG risks as well as engagement and voting outcomes. To give an example, since 2007, we have screened over €4.5 billion in loans to more than 400 microfinancing institutions and more than three million helped entrepreneurs get a loan. And we continue to innovate on this area by collaborating with science and governments.

    ACTIAM is a part of Cardano Group. Cardano is a leading risk manager and asset manager in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. We manage assets for more than 60 institutional investors, advise more than 300 parties and have more than 500 employees. In addition, we play an important role for government agencies and the financial authorities in determining new laws and regulations.
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  • Baillie Gifford

    Baillie Gifford is an independent investment partnership, founded in Scotland in 1908 and still run by its partners. This ownership structure allows us to concentrate our efforts entirely on our clients and their investments and take a long-term view. Our investment philosophy is simple and honest: We seek out great companies with exceptional and underappreciated growth potential. Providing capital for the ideas that are going to change the world for the better – that’s what Asset Management in general should go for. We call this “Actual Investing”.

  • Triple Jump B.V.

    Triple Jump is a Dutch impact-focused investment manager that provides meaningful investment opportunities in emerging markets. We focus on supporting institutions, businesses, and entrepreneurs with the aim of having a positive impact. Our international team spans six offices across the globe (in Amstedam, Lima, Mexico City, Nairobi, Tbilisi and Bangkok) and combines investment and technical assistance expertise to provide capital and capacity-building services in over 75 countries.

    With 15 years of track record and close to USD $1 billion assets under management, the funds we manage and advise on provide financing across development themes such as financial inclusion, affordable housing, missing middle finance (SME financing), and climate and nature.

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  • Wellington Management

    Wellington Management is a trusted adviser for institutions in more than 60 countries. Its investment solutions — which incorporate ESG factors — are built on the strength of proprietary research. As a private firm whose sole business is investment management, Wellington’s long-term view and interests are aligned with those of its clients.