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Learn about our partners and affiliations below. We believe these thought industry leaders and Impact Investor to bring up the best in each other.

Our partners

  • State Street Global Advisors

    State Street Global Advisors serves governments, institutions and financial advisors with a rigorous approach, breadth of capabilities and belief that good stewardship is good investing for the long term. Pioneers in index, ETF, and ESG investing and the world’s third-largest asset manager, we are always inventing new ways to invest.

  • T. Rowe Price

    T. Rowe Price was founded in 1937 by Thomas Rowe Price, Jr. and is an independent, listed asset manager. Our focus is on delivering long-term performance for our global clients across a broad range of active equity and bond strategies.

    Our long-term success is due to a strong research-oriented culture, which helps us to identify the most promising investments around the world. We are a global company with offices in 17 countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Middle East. Our assets under management of €1,391.9¹ billion are spread across a wide range of investment strategies.

    We employ 7,124 people worldwide, including 794 investment professionals including 386 research analysts. Our business strategy is focused on delivering strong long-term performance. This is assisted by our considerable organisational and financial stability and experience in all types of market conditions.

    1) The combined assets under management of T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc. and associated investment firms in USD, converted to EUR, as at 30 September 2021

  • Wellington Management

    Wellington Management is a trusted adviser for institutions in more than 60 countries. Its investment solutions — which incorporate ESG factors — are built on the strength of proprietary research. As a private firm whose sole business is investment management, Wellington’s long-term view and interests are aligned with those of its clients.