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How bioscience can help protect biodiversity

Industrialisation has frequently relied on chemical solutions to address biological problems. But such chemical solutions have often aggravated environmental and biodiversity challenges. However, innovative developments in bioscience are poised to address this challenge in an environmentally meaningful way.
We talked to Dr. Andrey Zarur, the CEO and Co-Founder of GreenLight Biosciences, to understand how biology can be used to address some of humanity’s biggest challenges.

Using biological solutions to tackle biological problems
A fundamental starting point for Greenlight was to challenge whether petrochemicals are needed so frequently to deal with biological processes. Andrey says, “We started GreenLight Biosciences as a means to create a platform where we could develop biological solutions to deal with the many biological problems that we face as a species, which of course include growing food, combating disease, preserving the environment and promoting biodiversity.”

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