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Impact investing sector urges EU to place impact at the heart of policymaking

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Published: 16 April 2024

Ahead of the European elections, Impact Europe and five national impact investing networks have launched their Impact Manifesto, calling on the EU to introduce policies to enable the work of impact investors.

The Impact Manifesto was presented at the European Parliament in Brussels, on 16 April 2024 | European Parliament building, Brussels | Exclusive Lab on iStock

Impact Europe, formerly EVPA, and the national advisory boards for impact investing of France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Spain, are calling on EU politicians and decision-makers to put impact at the heart of EU policies.

This morning, the group unveiled its Impact Manifesto at the European Parliament in Brussels, with less than two months remaining until the June European elections.

With only 15% of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on track, the group said that “the urgency to act against climate change and rising inequalities has never been more acute”, highlighting the important role of impact investors in helping tackle pressing society challenges.

The manifesto proposes ways the EU can harness the power of impact investors to accelerate the transition to a more innovative, sustainable and inclusive economy, outlining a set of concrete policy actions to enable the work of impact investors. 

Presenting the Impact Manifesto, Impact Europe’s CEO Roberta Bosurgi, said: “Key policy initiatives for people and planet – like a just transition to a green economy – can’t happen unless impact investors step up. This is why we are calling on EU policymakers to enable the work of impact investors”, adding the sector is ready “to work together with EU policymakers to prioritise an enabling policy framework for impact”.

Impact Manifesto – Calls for action

Impact Europe, FAIR, Foundation Netherlands Advisory Board, Impact Finance Belgium, Social Impact Agenda per l’Italia and SpainNAB are calling on the EU to enable impact investors by

  • Putting impact at the centre of EU policymaking: enabling policy frameworks that unlock private capital, empower businesses for transformative changes, and mobilise further private capital through public funding.
  • Making all EU funding impact funding: the manifesto advocates for all EU public funding to be intentionally impactful, and for the creation of an impact scoreboard that would assess the impact created by deploying EU public capital.
  • Delivering on the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030: the document urges the EU to renew its commitment to the SDGs, and calls for a European Year of Impact in 2030.

 The Impact Manifesto and full set of actions is available here.

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