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Impact Investor Forum: Meet the speakers

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Published: 30 April 2024

The first annual Impact Investor Forum brings together an array of pension fund practitioners and industry experts to look at how institutional investors are engaging with the just transition.

The Impact Investor Forum will take place in the afternoon of 16 May, 2024 at The Conduit in London.

The $500trn (€468trn) global financial system needs to be profoundly transformed if we are to build a green, zero emissions sustainable economy in the future. The concept of a just transition revolves around the principle that any shift needs to be fair, inclusive and equitable, and doesn’t leave large groups of the world’s population behind.

As some of the world’s largest asset owners, pension funds are uniquely positioned to spearhead this shift, ensuring their investment strategies – across asset classes and geographies – contribute positively to a fairer future for all people and for the planet.

The Impact Investor Forum, taking place on 16 May 2024 at The Conduit in London, brings together key stakeholders and experts to discuss some of the biggest challenges, opportunities and ways forward for pension funds as they engage with the concept of a just transition.

The line-up of speakers includes leading pension funds and advisers, ecosystem builders and investment managers.

Kieron Boyle, Impact Investing Institute

Placing social equity at the heart of the just transition

The event will begin with keynote speech from Kieron Boyle, CEO of the Impact Investing Institute. He will talk about why the concept of the just transition is such a burning issue, the Institute’s Just Transition Criteria – established last year to help industry participants develop financial products that adhere to the principles of a just transition – and about how the just transition plays out in community engagement.

Bertrand Rocher and Lucie Vannoye, Mirova

The power of pension and insurers to fund the just transition

Bertrand Rocher, co-head of fixed income and Lucie Vannoye, credit analyst at Mirova will then discuss how pension funds’ long investment horizon means they are ideally situated to implement just transition strategies. In their presentation, Rocher and Vannoye will explore diversification and risk management and other concerns investors face during implementation.

Will Goodhart, CFA UK

The just transition in practice

Will Goodhart, chief executive officer of the CFA Society of the UK, will then examine some of the wider frameworks and guidelines that have been established to support investors as they develop their own approaches to the just transition. During his keynote address, Goodhart will talk about how pension funds can develop more practical approaches as they set up their own frameworks or policies. He will also discuss how any just transition criteria fits in with the theory of change, as well as highlight some of the broader work of CFA UK in the impact investing space.

Jonathan Gilmour and Andy Lewis, Travers Smith

Investment duties, impact and just transition: recent developments

Later in the afternoon, adopting a legal lens, Jonathan Gilmour, partner and head of derivatives structured products, and Andy Lewis, partner at Travers Smith, will talk about recent developments around investment and fiduciary duties, impact investing, and the just transition.

Pension fund panel

Leading the way on the just transition

The event will close with a session bringing together pension fund participations across the defined benefit, defined contribution, and LGPS pooled schemes. Sally Bridgeland, deputy chair, Brunel Pensions Partnership, Adam Gillett, senior investment manager, climate lead at Railpen, Marc Barnett, head of investment at Cushion, and Edina Molnár, vice president of sustainable investment at Redington, will explore some of the challenges and considerations that pension funds are grappling with. They will highlight best practices in the field, and talk about their own investment approaches, both in emerging markets and those closer to home. 

Join us at what promises to be a dynamic and engaging afternoon of discussions and debate across this very vital issue.

Impact Investor Forum 2024

Date: 16 May, 2024, 2pm to 6pm

Venue: The Conduit, London WC2H 9JA

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