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Schroders launches SDG-focused European listed equity impact fund

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Published: 28 May 2024

The firm said it will integrate impact considerations into their stock-picking approach, aiming to deliver both positive societal impact and attractive long-term returns.

Schroder ISF European Equity Impact fund’s launch comes amid growing demand for impact strategies in the listed equity space | Imaginima on iStock

Global investment manager Schroders has launched a new Article 9 European equity impact fund which targets companies actively contributing to advancing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

The launch of the Schroder ISF European Equity Impact fund comes amid growing demand for public equity impact-focused strategies.

Leon Howard-Spink, European equity fund manager at Schroders, who will manage the fund alongside Paul Griffin, said: “Schroders’ comprehensive Impact Framework identifies innovative European companies that align with SDGs. By integrating impact considerations into our stock-picking approach, we believe we can deliver a positive societal impact whilst aiming for attractive long-term returns for our investors.”

Active ownership

Additionally, the investment process integrates Schroders’ in-house impact framework which is aligned with the Operating Principles for Impact Management. Furthermore, work carried out by Schroders’ engagement team actively encourages companies to improve their impact over time.

“Through active ownership and engagement, we aim to not only invest in companies making a positive impact but also actively support their journey towards sustainable development. By working closely with companies, we can drive meaningful change and contribute to a more sustainable future,” added Griffin.

The fund is the latest addition to Schroders’ impact-driven fund range, which also includes the Schroder ISF  Global Equity Impact launched in February, as reported by Impact Investor.

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